Christmas Trees: a Symbol for the Common Good?

28 10 2010

A Christmas tree farmer working for the common good The Fall is a beautiful season in New England, as every tourist brochure will tell you, and so I am out and about  a lot at the moment. I was delighted on a recent walk near Henniker in New Hampshire to come across Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm. The farm is situated on a hilltop and his shop has a deck where you can sit and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area.  Steve Forster the charming proprietor was in and so I immediately starting quizzing him about local walks on developed farmland. Regular readers will know why (otherwise the curious can go here , here and here for past articles outlining my thoughts on the subject). Steve immediately told me that he has opened up trails on his land and makes them available to local people. It’s not the conventional farming landscape of cereal crops or pastureland, but nevertheless, here is the land being put to productive use and an landowner who is happy to make it available as a resource for those who will use the privilege responsibly.





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29 10 2010

Wow what beautiful pictures!

29 10 2010
Lynne Fournier

Hi David,
Having now had a bit of an opportunity to peruse a good deal (not all) of your writings, I have come to see a clear and “common” theme than is blended very artistically and consistently throughout your work. That “common” theme is “commonality” itself. I believe I was reading “Re-Visioning Society” where you stated “If something is “common” it means that it applies first to all and then and therefore of necessity to each, and in essentially the same way.” From there in the article you went on to list many examples of “commonalities.”

I also read “…..there is no such thing as a cause that is greater than a person.” I could not agree more. The “common” binding thread that I see interwoven in all of your talent is love. We owe it all to each other, as one ‘person’ to another, to touch each other with love. It is incumbent upon us all, as children of God, to treat each other with “common” decency. By definition, two meanings of the word “common” are “not rare” and “without special rank or position.” Love should not be a rare occurrence or be dependent upon status.

The “way” in which you have created “The Way of Beauty” is, in my eyes, “The Way of Love.” A labor of love. And continues to be. I recently read the following quote and immediately thought of “The Way of Beauty Series” David. It is from Thomas Kemp: “Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of its trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse for impossibility. For it thinks all things are lawful for itself, and all things are possible.” Also, David…not sure who to quote here: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take your breath away.” That is what I think of your photography…absolutely breathtaking! You are a fortunate man to be able to see the World through your eyes. Please continue your journey!

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