Russian Icon of the Mother of God of Fatima

30 12 2010

Here is an interesting icon. Painted by a Russian Orthodox icon painter in collaboration with a Catholic priest. It is a beautiful image. The image is, in part, inspired by one of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In order to accomodate the sensibilities of the Orthodox painter, the image doesn’t show a picture of a heart, but show’s Mary pointing the the word Sense (Heart) where her heart would be.






You can read more about the development of the image here.





3 responses

2 01 2011
M. Jordan Lichens

Wow, that is beautiful!

2 01 2011
Mariellen Gallaher

indeed. At the risk of repeating yourself, that is beautiful. And on another subject, David, this blog site is beautiful. Second wow. Talk about living up to your ideals!

5 01 2011

I also think it is beautiful. It also reminds me of a Marian monstrance that I have seen. The monstrance is carved from wood and depicts Mary standing in a similar position as the icon. The Eucharist is placed where Mary’s heart would be (like the shape here of Mary’s heart).

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