A Note To Our Subscribers – A New Look to The Way of Beauty

19 04 2011

Dear patient subscriber

This weekend we introduced a new look to The Way of Beauty blog. We hope that you like it. You will see that there is more information readily available and more easily accessible about what we are doing and the connected programs at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts.

In a couple of weeks, we will launch the shop on the new The Way of Beauty, Facebook page. We also hope to start offering resources to help people to live The Way of Beauty: in time for example, you will start to see downloadable documents and recording as aids singing the Liturgy of the Hours, for example. This will happen gradually over the coming weeks and months.

For those who just like to read the blog postings, this will mean very little difference to you, except in this transitionary period, when there have been a few technical hiccoughs. You have recieved notifications of postings, for example, which went up accidentally because I had forgotten that it was wrongly scheduled on the old one, when it should have been scheduled for later (in a couple of weeks) on the new one (eg Japanese Gardens). I apologise for these. Our web designer handed everything to me on a plate with simple instructions, but I still manage to mess it up. So please be patient with me on this. I will get the hang of it all very soon!

So please keep reading and to see the latest piece, which is now up, on the new play about John Paul II, follow the link here! The address for the site is the same as previously http://thewayofbeauty.org

Thank you


David Clayton




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