How often?

Visit weekly: the aim is to have short articles appearing at a rate so that if you visited weekly, you could see all that had been posted during that week on the front page. So I have resolved that (come hell or high water) I will post 1-3 times per week articles of the length that have appeared already.

As the archive of material grows, we will set up also a website (likely to appear in June) that will have an ordered presentation of everything that appears in this blog. This website will be a more coherent presentation of the ideas of behind the Way of Beauty and accordingly will have in addition a series of much longer articles, details of retreats, weekend and summer courses off people a chance to learn the Way of Beauty. Once set up this website will be accessible either through this blog, or directly. The short blog articles are very often going to be pointing to the more detailed presentations of each subject and so will invariably contain links through to them.

In the mean time, here is the archive of these more detailed pieces. These ones appeared first on the New Liturgical Movement website and elsewhere. It was as a result of the response to these, that I was encouraged to start publishing my publishing my work independently – this blog is the first result of that.


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